Auto Transport Services

Auto Auction Transport

As you may have discovered, buying a car at an auction can yield some real gems. But how do you get it home without breaking the bank, in good shape, and before you’ve forgotten what the car looks like? People tend to overlook car shipping in the excitement of finding the car they want at an auction. , but it’s an important factor. In the worst-case scenario shipping can turn out to be costly and troublesome. Of course you...

Coast-to-Coast Auto Transport

The two coasts of America are among the most popular destinations for vehicle transfers. Seems half of the population at any time is relocating from L.A. to New York, or from San Francisco to Miami, and then returning home again.

While there are many auto transport companies that advertise their services for transporting cars cross-country, we offer a special buyer beware for the customer.

First, it’s a long way. That may seem obvious, but when you consider...

Snowbird Auto Transport

If you are one of a growing number of Americans who winter in Florida or another southern location, congratulations.

Once you've bought that condo, you can start thinking about related matters-- like, who should we invite to spend the holidays with us, and what should we do about a car while we’re down south.

It’s a bit complicated. You may have already concluded that driving down each winter takes too much time and energy-- energy that...

Express Auto Transport. Expedited Service

Our service typically consists of shipping your vehicle in the safest, fastest possible manner. If time is a factor, we offer an express service to help get your vehicle to the destination of choice as quickly as possible.

Customers have various reasons for being concerned about time. We have worked with automotive dealers whose clients demand a certain vehicle within a certain time frame. We also have assisted people who are relocating and absolutely need their car...

Terminal to Terminal Car Shipping

At Allstate Transport, our usual service is door-to-door. However, we do provide terminal drop-off and pick-up for customers who request it.

A terminal is a regional storage facility, usually located in a central location. It can be useful for the auto shipping company to accumulate vehicles in this location for shipment to various final destinations. Thus auto transport companies, including ours, will offer terminal-to-terminal car shipping at discounted rates.

For the...

Enclosed Auto Transport

As a full-service auto transport company, Allstate Transport offers enclosed hauling as well as open transport. Enclosed auto transport means that your vehicle is carried inside a truck to protect it from the elements.

Whether you choose open or enclosed transport, your vehicle will still be insured for its full value. In addition, a vehicle delivered in a enclosed carrier will be protected from road gunk,...

Open Carrier Auto Transport

Unless you do this for a living, you probably haven’t thought much about the logistics of shipping a vehicle via Open Transport.

In short, this means the vehicle will go on an unenclosed carrier, and will be exposed to weather and road conditions (such as mud).

While this doesn’t present a problem for most vehicles, here are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare your vehicle for shipping.

  • Prepare your car by removing all...

Dealer-to-Dealer Auto Delivery

Auto dealers know that shipping is one of the most critical factors in the business. The customer may not be aware of how his new vehicle arrived at the lot; he just wants the precise brand, model, year, color and style he chose.

At Allstate Transport, we understand the importance of reliable, punctual, affordable delivery service to your business. In our 15 years in the industry, we have delivered thousands of vehicles and have encountered and managed virtually...

Door to Door Auto Transport

At Allstate Transport, our standard service is door to door. We make every attempt to pick up and deliver your car to the address you choose, without using a storage terminal unless you request it.

But vehicle carriers are long and wide-- too big to enter some residential neighborhoods and prohibited by law from others. If our truck is unable to drive to your precise location, we will approach as close as possible to the scheduled pick-up...

International Car Shipping

Although Allstate Auto Transport does not ship vehicles to international destinations, we can offer suggestions to help ease this potentially stressful project.

We can help by transporting your vehicle to a port of departure or a location from which it can be shipped to Canada or Mexico. From there, we may be able to provide you with the name of a company that specializes in international shipping.

As with domestic shipping,...