Snowbirds: Are You Ready to Fly?

Let Us Transport Your Car to Florida

It’s a yearly conundrum for more and more retirees. Now that you’ve bought that condo in Miami or Ft. Myers, what do you do about the car?

You certainly need an automobile at your winter haven. But each year, the prospect of driving 1500 to 1800 miles one-way, and then doing the reverse in the springtime, seems less and less attractive.

There’s not only the lost time, but expenses such as gas, tolls, meals and motel rooms to consider. And we won’t mention weather . . . .

Maybe it’s time to think about having the car shipped and waiting for you at your destination?

Auto Transport to Florida

Our auto transport services in South Florida have handled many a snowbird’s vehicle. The process is simple. We pick up the car at your destination and deliver it four to seven days later. (This is a rough estimate of delivery times between New York and Miami. When you call, we can give you a more accurate time frame.)

What’s involved? You can fill out the paperwork online, if you’re shipping from one U.S. destination to another. We’ll deliver as close as possible to your residential neighborhood— although of course, some areas are not accessible by the big rigs that carry automobiles, in which case you’d meet the driver and your car at a nearby shopping center or other public space.

And how about payment? You secure the transport with a credit card, then pay the driver with a certified check, money order or cash. On average, it costs about $750 to ship a car from New York to Florida. However, the rates are affected by many factors, including the price of fuel, the season and what kind of carrier you use (i.e., open or closed transport).

The American Auto Association figures the cost of driving a large sedan was almost $1 per mile in 2013. (See their manual on cost per mile).

When you add tolls, meals and motel rooms, you can see that having your auto shipped is more economical than you think.

Of course, you could pay someone to drive your vehicle, but then you must pay their expenses. And you’re still putting thousands of miles on the odometer.

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