Leave the Shipping to Us

We have some friends (Frank and Lillian) who have been spending their winters in Florida for the past 10 years. They still spend summers in New Jersey with the kids and grandkids.

Last year, they confided that the journey seemed to be getting tougher. They take turns driving, but they are both in their 80s and don’t see well at night. With the short days of winter and driving conditions, which seem to get worse every year . . . they are... Read more

Buying a Car Online? Where’s the Virtual Delivery?

A friend of ours (we’ll call him Luis) just found his dream car online. It’s a 2013 BMW M-series with only 9,727 miles on the odometer, alpine white, 7-speed auto transmission with a 32-valve, 560-hp, V-8 engine. Mint condition.

With growing excitement, Luis explained that he was saving over $7,000 off the asking price. There was only one hitch. The car was in Los Angeles; Luis lives in south Florida.

We listened as he debated with himself:... Read more

Snowbirds: Are You Ready to Fly?

Let Us Transport Your Car to Florida

It’s a yearly conundrum for more and more retirees. Now that you’ve bought that condo in Miami or Ft. Myers, what do you do about the car? You certainly need an automobile at your winter haven. But each year, the prospect of driving 1500 to 1800 miles one-way, and then doing the reverse in the springtime, seems less and less attractive.
There’s not only the lost time, but expenses such as gas, tolls, meals and motel rooms... Read more

Shop the World for Your Next Car— and Have It Delivered Safely

It’s true, you can find great deals by shopping online. Since the dawn of the Internet, the world is your oyster. But after you’ve found the deal of a lifetime, how to get that baby home? Most cars sold online are upscale. According to Manheim Consulting, almost two-thirds of online deals involve sports cars or luxury cars.
Buyers of these cars want to take extra care to make sure they receive the vehicle in good condition.
Even if you decide to fly to the... Read more

How To Ship A Luxury Car?

Suppose you live in Delaware and you've found the vehicle of your dreams in Los Angeles. It’s a 1959 Ferrari 250 GT Spider, formerly owned by a Hollywood icon, lightly handled, in mint condition. It’s never been rebuilt, and it has only 46,000 miles on the odometer. And you can own it for a mere $4 million. OK, it’s a fantasy for most of us but it does bring up a real-world question.
How do you get this baby home?
One thing’s for sure: You don’t want to see... Read more

Is It Better to Have My Car Shipped or Drive It Myself?

It’s a question we hear on a regular basis. Is it cheaper/safer/easier to have my vehicle shipped cross-country, or should I drive it myself?

Because we’re an auto transport company, you probably expect our answer to be yes/yes/yes. But it’s not that simple. The answer depends on you, your vehicle, and your destination.

Car Shipping Logistics

First, what’s your agenda? If you have a deadline when you need to be at the new job, time could be a factor. Having a vehicle... Read more

What to Keep in Mind Before You Buy a Car At Auction

If you’ve been thinking about buying a car at auction, you probably know something about the subject. Maybe you’ve heard or read that auctions often have rare cars that can’t be found elsewhere. Maybe you’d like to avoid the dealers’ mark-up. Maybe you’re just looking for a reliable car at a decent price. It’s true you can find some real gems for rock-bottom prices at auto auctions. Some of the major auction houses have longstanding and excellent reputations for value. But there are caveats. Before you rush... Read more

Car Auctions Growing in Popularity in U.S.

Buying a car from an auction house has become more and more popular in the United States, where it was slower to catch on than in places like Japan. Strong car auction companies have sprung up, and consumers are learning that they can save hundreds of dollars on the car of their dreams. Because of the Internet, it’s now possible to search and locate a specific vehicle from just about any area of the country. If you do your homework, chances are that you’ll find the... Read more