Buying a Car Online? Where’s the Virtual Delivery?

A friend of ours (we’ll call him Luis) just found his dream car online. It’s a 2013 BMW M-series with only 9,727 miles on the odometer, alpine white, 7-speed auto transmission with a 32-valve, 560-hp, V-8 engine. Mint condition.

With growing excitement, Luis explained that he was saving over $7,000 off the asking price. There was only one hitch. The car was in Los Angeles; Luis lives in south Florida.

We listened as he debated with himself: Should he take time off from work, fly out there and drive the car home? Hire a driver? Finally we reminded him that All-State Auto Transport is in the business of uniting car and driver at the destination of choice. He fumbled for a moment, then blurted out, « But you guys ship ordinary cars, right? »

Extraordinary Car, Extraordinary Care

We explained that we are in the auto transport business. Period. If a dealer has a shipment of cars to be sent from one part of the country to another, we arrange the lot to go by open transport. But if we have a special case— which clearly Luis believed to be his case— we treat it differently.

Obviously, Luis could not see shipping his Snow White Beamer across the country with ordinary cars. We agreed. This car is a keeper. (Turns out it was pre-owned by a movie star. Let’s just say you saw him recently as a wolf, of sorts.) The fact that Luis was paying something in the neighborhood of 80 G’s made it even more impressive. It hardly makes sense to scrimp on shipping when you’re talking about that kind of investment.

We reminded him that All-State Transport ships valuable cars all the time. Its what we do! We have several modes of transportation depending on the speed and care the customer requires for the job.

Close It Up, Ship It Out

While most vehicles are sent on their route in open transport carriers, high-value autos such as Luis’s Snow White get special treatment. These cars are carefully loaded into an enclosed truck so they’ll be protected from road damage such as dust, flying rocks, weather and mud.

Enclosed auto transport costs about 40% more than open transport. But for customers such as Luis, it is well worth it. This type of delivery is the preferred mode for race cars, antiques and specialty vehicles. Wealthy individuals may choose enclosed transport even if their vehicle has a value that’s purely sentimental— Grandma’s Buick, for instance. All vehicles, whether they are shipped by open or closed transport, are fully insured.

This precious cargo is handled with soft ropes, horizontal loading and extra-secure suspension. Although we take care with every vehicle, closed transport drivers are required to pass another level of scrutiny. We also take extra care to see that all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed— for paperwork pertaining to shipping data, insurance and permits, for instance.

From Start to Delivery

customer-serWhen you contact All-State Auto Transport, we ask you to describe the condition of your vehicle and your preferred mode of transportation. If you are unsure which would be the best means of shipping, let’s discuss the situation.

Whichever you choose, we’ll make sure your vehicle is waiting for you, as expected, when and where you want it. No surprises. No disappointment.

Like we told Luis, it doesn’t make sense to find your dream car online and then trust to luck or the yellow pages to make sure it gets home safely. Call All-State Auto Transport and let us handle it. So you can concentrate on imagining that dream car in your garage!