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Leave the Shipping to Us

We have some friends (Frank and Lillian) who have been spending their winters in Florida for the past 10 years. They still spend summers in New Jersey with the kids and grandkids.

Last year, they confided that the journey seemed to be getting tougher. They take turns driving, but they are both in their 80s and don’t see well at night. With the short days of winter and driving conditions, which seem to get worse every year . . . they are...

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Buying a Car Online? Where’s the Virtual Delivery?

A friend of ours (we’ll call him Luis) just found his dream car online. It’s a 2013 BMW M-series with only 9,727 miles on the odometer, alpine white, 7-speed auto transmission with a 32-valve, 560-hp, V-8 engine. Mint condition.

With growing excitement, Luis explained that he was saving over $7,000 off the asking price. There was only one hitch. The car was in Los Angeles; Luis lives in south Florida.

We listened as he debated with himself:...

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Snowbirds: Are You Ready to Fly?

Let Us Transport Your Car to Florida

It’s a yearly conundrum for more and more retirees. Now that you’ve bought that condo in Miami or Ft. Myers, what do you do about the car? You certainly need an automobile at your winter haven. But each year, the prospect of driving 1500 to 1800 miles one-way, and then doing the reverse in the springtime, seems less and less attractive.
There’s not only the lost time, but expenses such as gas, tolls, meals and motel rooms...
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