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What does Allstate Transport do that is different from other transport agencies and carriers?

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Allstate Transport always takes the extra steps to safeguard our customers

by ensuring that the following measures are taken:

  • Our dispatch team maintains a list of preferred carriers and we confirm that all documents are in place upon dispatch.
  • Our preferred carriers must maintain the highest ratings to be considered for a transport assignment.
  • Allstate Transport is a member of Registry Monitoring Insurance Services, Inc. (RMIS)
  • Allstate Transport  receives information daily on our preferred carriers directly from their insurance providers, including liability and cargo coverage amounts and limits.

Our membership with RMIS allows us to obtain daily status updates and changes through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and additionally collect Department of Transportation safety information, including authority status and safety and satisfaction ratings.

Allstate Transport is licensed, bonded and insured.

Auto Transport Insurance

All auto transport companies are required by law to carry liability and cargo insurance coverage for all the vehicles they transport. This insurance will cover your vehicle against damage or theft during transport. Usually the total coverage is based on the lowest Kelly Blue Book Value for your vehicle. The specific terms and conditions of coverage vary for each car shipping company so it is essential that you request a copy of their insurance coverage in writing. In some cases there may be exclusions to the car transport insurance coverage such as the vehicle’s undercarriage or glass.

While the minimum insurance carried by the vehicle relocation company will offer some protection, you may want to consider the need for additional insurance to cover items named as exclusions as well as the difference in the actual value of your car as compared to the value covered by the auto shipping company’s insurance. Check with your auto insurance agent to find out what coverage your personal auto insurance offers for your car during transit. Also, ask the auto transport company what excess insurance packages they have available and the extent of their coverage. If you car’s value is significantly higher that the lowest Kelly Blue Book value or if you are transporting a classic or exotic car, additional insurance will be well worth purchasing.

As you book and schedule your car shipping project, here are a few key things to remember in order for your vehicle to have proper insurance coverage so that you can relax and enjoy some peace of mind:

* Request a copy of the car shipping company’s insurance certificate.

* Request a copy of the insurance coverage terms and conditions.

* Check to see if your personal auto insurance provides any additional coverage during transit.

* Determine the difference between your car’s true value and the lowest Blue Book Value covered by insurance.

* If necessary, purchase additional insurance package from the vehicle relocation company to cover the discrepancy in value and/or the exclusions.

* Remember that no insurance covers any personal items left in the vehicle so remove all such items before transport.

* Perform a thorough inspection before your vehicle is picked up by the auto transport company.

* Take pictures of your vehicle before transport.

* If any damage does occur, file a claim with all applicable insurance companies as soon as possible.

Questions about Auto Shipping Insurance

Most vehicles transported by auto shipping companies are delivered safely to their destinations with no scratches, dents, or other damage. Experienced, reliable car transportation companies pride themselves on their skillful staff and quality vehicle care. Your car will be carefully loaded and secured into place by experts with years of experience using top-of-the-line vehicle relocation equipment. A professional driver will carefully drive the carrier to its destination where the same expert staff will meticulously unload your car. This is and should be the industry standard and here, at Auto Shipping Network, we provide you with auto transportation companies that meet and surpass this standard of excellence.

However, accidents happen even to the best of us. Damage to transported cars is rare but since the auto transport carrier does travel on crowded street streets and through busy intersections, there is always the possibility of an unforeseeable accident. For this reason, all qualified auto shipping companies carry liability and cargo insurance which will cover your car in case of damage during the transport process. This is the industry standard for minimum insurance that all car moving carriers are required to have.

Insurance coverage terms and conditions are different from company to company so it is important to gain a thorough understanding of the insurance coverage carried by the car transport company you choose. Here are a few useful questions to ask regarding the coverage of your car:

What kind of damage does the car moving company’s insurance cover?

* Are there situations in which the insurance will not cover the vehicle?

* Is the entire car covered or are there parts that are excluded?

* What is the deductible?

* What is the limit of the coverage if the car is a total loss?

* If applicable, are specialty items such as under-car lighting or spoilers covered?

* What additional insurance packages are available and what do they cover?

These are just a few ideas to help you become more knowledgeable about auto shipping insurance coverage. Of course, regardless of the vehicle relocation company you choose, you want to obtain a copy of their insurance certificate as well as written outline of their insurance terms, limits, and exclusions.