How To Ship A Luxury Car?

Suppose you live in Delaware and you’ve found the vehicle of your dreams in Los Angeles.

It’s a 1959 Ferrari 250 GT Spider, formerly owned by a Hollywood icon, lightly handled, in mint condition. It’s never been rebuilt, and it has only 46,000 miles on the odometer. And you can own it for a mere $4 million.

OK, it’s a fantasy for most of us but it does bring up a real-world question.

How do you get this baby home?

One thing’s for sure: You don’t want to see it bouncing down the road on a trailer with 15 ordinary cars.

Car Shipping Options

If you have a one-of-a-kind vintage vehicle, high-end luxury car, race car, custom chopper, or even a new car you bought at auction . . . you’ll probably want to opt for enclosed delivery.

Open transport is the default method of shipping cars from one place to another. You’ve seen open trailers on the highway, with cars stacked up on various levels. It’s about 60% cheaper than enclosed transport. For most cases, it’s a perfectly good way of getting a vehicle from one place to another.

Enclosed transport is the wise choice when you have something you want to see coddled. With this mode of shipping, your sports car (or motorcyle, or SUV) is delivered in a closed trailer, the better to shield it from wind, hail, dust . . . whatever the road throws up or the skies throw down.

Car Shipping Cost vs Safety

Even though our open-transport vehicles are insured and secured, we do not have much control over Mother Nature.

Enclosed is more expensive, although in some cases it’s money well spent. It depends on the value of the item you’re having shipped.

Do you really want to risk having the paint nicked on this Ferrari, for in-stance, for the sake of a few hundred dollars?

In our 15-plus years in business, we’ve shipped everything from a college student’s wreck to a gleaming custom Harley. We handle all of them as though they were our own babies.

Our customers understand that once their responsibilities are dis-charged— paperwork, insurance, vehicle prepared for transport— we take our responsibilities very seriously.

We have handled all kinds of situations, and we know how to protect a fine car while it makes its way from one end of the country to the other. There is no substitute for experience in these situations.

Allstate is family-owned and operated. From the moment you reach one of our representatives, you’ll sense that you’re in good hands. Delivering your vehicle, communicating with you, being available 24/7, under-standing your concerns and taking them seriously . . . that’s how we’ve become a stand-out in the auto transport industry.

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