Shop the World for Your Next Car— and Have It Delivered Safely

It’s true, you can find great deals by shopping online. Since the dawn of the Internet, the world is your oyster. But after you’ve found the deal of a lifetime, how to get that baby home?

Most cars sold online are upscale. According to Manheim Consulting, almost two-thirds of online deals involve sports cars or luxury cars.

Buyers of these cars want to take extra care to make sure they receive the vehicle in good condition.

Even if you decide to fly to the location to personally inspect the car, it doesn’t mean you want to spend the time or expense to drive it home yourself. At this point, you need an auto transport company you can trust.

Car Shipping Options

We can offer you several shipping options:

  • open transport (you’ve seen these trailers on the highway, carrying multiple vehicles)
  • or enclosed transport (your vehicle is protected inside an enclosed carrier).

So you can be home and back at work while your vehicle makes its way safely across the country.

You know how to navigate the Internet, and you could spend days investigating shipping options. Here at All-State Transport, we try to make things easy for our customers. You’ve probably got better things to do than to try to compare the apples and oranges of vehicle transport.

Car Shipping Process

We tell you upfront which documents you’ll need, and give you estimates on delivery time (subject as always to weather and road conditions) and freight costs. We’ll help you decide whether you want your vehicle shipped in an open transport carrier or a closed one. We’ll also explain what kind of insurance you’ll want to have on your new vehicle.

open auto transport carrierWe’ll tell you how to prepare the vehicle (or have it prepared by the seller).

We can deliver to your door or, if your neighborhood doesn’t allow large transport trucks, to the closest public parking lot. Or you may choose to drive to a nearby big city to pick up the new vehicle.

If you are selling a car online, surveys show that including shipping as part of the deal greatly enhances the saleability of your vehicle. You can include shipping charges in the price of the car, or state that shipping will be calculated according to the destination. Either way, you’ve taken a load off the mind of the purchaser.

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