Door to Door Auto Transport

At Allstate Transport, our standard service is door to door. We make every attempt to pick up and deliver your car to the address you choose, without using a storage terminal unless you request it.

But vehicle carriers are long and wide– too big to enter some residential neighborhoods and prohibited by law from others. If our truck is unable to drive to your precise location, we will approach as close as possible to the scheduled pick-up location, and arrange to meet you in an area with sufficient space for unloading.

A Few Contingencies Concerning Door-to-Door Deliveries:

  • If the vehicle is inoperable, it’s important to let us know when you place the order. In that case, we will send a truck that is equipped for hauling inoperable vehicles. There is an additional charge for transporting an inoperable vehicle, depending on why it can’t be driven. (Make sure to find out if the vehicle is drivable, because if we arrive at the pick-up location, you risk losing your deposit if the driver can’t load the car.)
  • Pick-up and drop-off locations do affect charges and delivery time. We provide you with the best service at the optimal price. Generally, East Coast to West Coast takes 7-14 days; Midwest to East Coast takes 5-8 days; South to North takes 5-8 days. It usually takes 1-7 days between the time you book the order and the date of the pick-up. Your pick-up and drop-off locations will affect these averages.
  • Our customers are able to track their vehicle’s progress so they are prepared when the vehicle arrives. You can call us at 727-388-9992, and your agent will provide a cell number to reach him or her after hours. We’ll also give you a cell number for the driver. After 15 years in the business, we understand that communication is critical in this business– for both customer and transporter.

Whether you are a dealer awaiting delivery of your spring inventory, or a college student who bought his first car on eBay . . . . we understand the importance of this service to you. We’ll give you a fair quote and estimate of delivery date, and we’ll treat your vehicle(s) like our own.