Enclosed Auto Transport

As a full-service auto transport company, Allstate Transport offers enclosed hauling as well as open transport. Enclosed auto transport means that your vehicle is carried inside a truck to protect it from the elements.

Whether you choose open or enclosed transport, your vehicle will still be insured for its full value. In addition, a vehicle delivered in a enclosed carrier will be protected from road gunk, dust, mud, rocks, and weather.

If you have a classic car, one-of-a-kind antique, or a very high-end luxury car, you may want to spend the extra money to ensure that it’s delivered in pristine condition.

Generally, open transport costs about 60% less than enclosed auto transport.

Our drivers and delivery staff are trained to move vehicles with a minimum of risk. We understand that the owners of specialty vehicles are sensitive to any mishandling or mishap that might cause the slightest damage. We promise to handle your baby with kid gloves.


When to Choose Enclosed Auto Transport Service

Our enclosed transport service is primarily used to move high-value automobiles– race cars, antiques, specialty vehicles. We understand that the owners of these cars are willing to sacrifice time and money to the goal of preserving the object in its present condition.

Our service includes special handling, with soft ropes, level (horizontal) loading, and good vehicle suspension.

Most of all, the customer needs to feel confident that his or her car shipping company understands the meaning of value. Moving a priceless vehicle requires faith and trust in your moving company. All the customer can do is ascertain that the proper controls are there (insurance, qualified drivers, good equipment, papers in order) and then trust his or her mover.

We invite you to give us a call and discuss your vehicle, its destination and your concerns with our agent. You can be assured we will treat your prized position like the treasure you know it to be.