Coast-to-Coast Auto Transport

The two coasts of America are among the most popular destinations for vehicle transfers. Seems half of the population at any time is relocating from L.A. to New York, or from San Francisco to Miami, and then returning home again.

While there are many auto transport companies that advertise their services for transporting cars cross-country, we offer a special buyer beware for the customer.

First, it’s a long way. That may seem obvious, but when you consider the distance, the weather variables, the terrain between the two coasts, the number of alternative routes . . . this simple equation can get complicated, especially if you are not familiar with your auto transport company.

Coast-to-Coast Car Carriers

If a company gives you a low price and dismisses your concerns too lightly, we advise you to press a bit. Ask for details about their history, drivers, insurance, licenses, and pricing. Use the same care you would employ if you were shipping your child across the nation. Because while cross-country auto transport may be routine business for us, it’s still a major undertaking.

While we generally estimate 7 to 10 days for shipping from the West Coast to the East Coast or vice versa, transit is always subject to road conditions.

coast to coast auto transport carrierAs we saw last winter, a major snowstorm can bring traffic to a halt across wide swaths of the nation. Even in the summertime, it’s necessary to allow for torrential rainstorms, washed-out roads, and traffic accidents that can take hours to navigate.

Another variable is your vehicle. Moving a motorcycle is different from handling a Hummer. Car carriers have weight limits and size constraints. Every cross-country job is a custom job. A discussion with one of our agents is the best place to get solid information and get started on your move.

The most important issue is that your vehicle arrive safely, in good condition, at the location we promised. We think you’ll agree that whatever your motivation– relocation, new job, fantastic opportunity, or returning home– you’ll appreciate the reliability of our service.