Snowbird Auto Transport

If you are one of a growing number of Americans who winter in Florida or another southern location, congratulations.

Once you’ve bought that condo, you can start thinking about related matters– like, who should we invite to spend the holidays with us, and what should we do about a car while we’re down south.

It’s a bit complicated. You may have already concluded that driving down each winter takes too much time and energy– energy that you might as well conserve for the golf course or the pool, not to mention the energy derived from multiple tanks of gasoline.

But still you want your car with you, and you don’t relish the idea of a 1500-mile drive.

You can pay someone to drive the car down, which is the quickest and cheapest way to go. But if you’re interested in avoiding the extra mileage on your car, you could also have the car shipped to your winter destination.

At All-State Transport, we handle a fair number of these snowbird cars, shipping them north in springtime and south in the fall. Our location in south Florida has given us ample exposure to snowbirds. We know folks who make the same trip– Midwest to Texas, for instance; Northeast to Florida; Midwest to Arizona– year after year, and depend on Allstate.

If you are a snowbird contemplating the shipment of your auto, keep in mind all the usual caveats.

  • You want a car transport company with a long track record and a good reputation.
  • Check the vehicle thoroughly before you have it shipped, and document all scratches and damage.
  • Remove all accessories and extraneous equipment such as luggage racks or GPS devices.
  • Make sure you have less than half a tank of gas in the car, and that your other fluids (windshield wiper, oil) are full.

Then call our South Florida office and leave the scheduling to us. Your car will be waiting for you when you need it, at your other home.