Express Auto Transport. Expedited Service

Our service typically consists of shipping your vehicle in the safest, fastest possible manner. If time is a factor, we offer an express service to help get your vehicle to the destination of choice as quickly as possible.

Customers have various reasons for being concerned about time. We have worked with automotive dealers whose clients demand a certain vehicle within a certain time frame. We also have assisted people who are relocating and absolutely need their car at the new address.

Whatever the reason, we do what we can to help you meet your deadlines. We have contacts and partners in every corner of the nation and every facet of the industry, so we can quickly find a carrier who is going your way at the right time.

Whether you’ve got time to spare or are operating on a tight deadline, our service adheres to the same high standards. We usually ship express items on open carriers, since this is the fastest option. However if you request enclosed auto shipping, our agent will find an enclosed transport option.


How Express Auto Transport Works

Express Auto Transport ServiceWe normally ship express/expedited items door-to-door. If for some reason (local ordinances, narrow roads) the carrier cannot come right to your door, we’ll arrange to meet you at a convenient terminal or public parking area.

If you have a situation where time is literally money– where the profit or the success of your project is directly tied to the time it takes for delivery– speak to your Allstate Transport agent about express delivery.

While shipping times are always subject to road conditions and other factors, we can take certain steps to ensure the fastest possible delivery.

If you order express auto transport service, it’s even more important to make sure you are dealing with a reputable transport company like Allstate Transport. Shipping with speed should not mean that you need to sacrifice security. Our company is licensed, insured, and has the experience to guarantee a successful outcome.